Other Projects

From work in the community, to hackathon projects, and side hustles, I like to stay busy working with teams to create inspiring events and technology. 

Standup Tampa

In 2016 the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Council created a Board of Millennial Entrepreneurs. As a board member, I’m working to create a talent attraction site for the city. 

Chair, Ignite Tampa Bay

Ignite Tampa Bay is a fast-paced evening of presentations where speakers gather to share their knowledge and passion. As the chair, I helped recruit and select speakers and organize the event. 

Agency El Dorado

Agency El Dorado is a workplace consultancy spun out of WeVue that helps organizations create great better places for millennials to work. I built the site in bootstrap. 


StartupBus combines a Hackathon and a roadtrip into one. I’ve ridden the bus three times, helped organize it from Tampa, and raised over $50,000 for the organization. 

Craigslist Redesign

We all love to hate Craigslist, but man…their branding. I went ahead and did a Bauhaus themed concept redesign for them. Craig found it on twitter and liked it so much he presented it to their design team. 


Via our internship programs at WeVue and my work in the community, Ive had the opportunity to coach many young people getting their start in tech and startup careers. 

Block Mafia

This app was  hackathon project that allowed you to play Monopoly in the real world, buying any property on the planet and taxing your friends when they walked by. 

Wrong Credit Score

After learning about how many people in the US have faulty credit scores, I teamed up with a credit attorney and a hackathon team to build a referral and education service to help people with credit issues. 

Thinkful Courses

Working on a startup requires a diverse set of skills, and when I realized I was lacking in hard design skills, I sought out a mentor and the programming for UX and UI at Thinkful.