Whenever I’m given the chance, I love to get up on a stage and share a story, provide insight into something I’ve learned, or run a workshop. Below you’ll find a collection of the presentations I’ve given and well as a few videos of me presenting.

I gave this presentation at the Milspo Project’s annual Embark conference. Milspo is an organization that empowers military spouse entrepreneurs, and they invited me to speak on creating a culture of remote working and learning inside of a startup.


I was invited by Hillsborough Community College to give a lecture on Empathy Mapping and the importance of empathizing with customers in business to a group of veterans studying entrepreneurship. I began the lecture by pretending I understood what it meant to be a vet, then told the group how full of it I was, and finally used the stunt to illustrate how in business we are normally not our customers.


I was invited by the Tampa Product Owners group to give a lecture and create a workshop on Experience Design and Journey mapping. I emphasized the importance of sketching in my process and incited the group to draw their ideas throughout the session.

I was invited with Professor Andy Gold from HCC by the University of Tampa MBA program to deliver a lecture and workshop on Design Thinking and how to apply it to rapid mobile app prototyping. We coached the students through a means analysis and then utilized their various skill sets to prototype new mobile app ideas.


I was invited by the Teen Business Challenge to give a presentation on creating minimum viable products. The exercise forced me to utilize objects the students would be familiar with and illustrate how prototyping has been integral in business for the last 100 years. I then lead the group in a workshop to help them create paper prototypes.


F*** Up Nights is an event that happens around the globe where startup founders present about their past failures. I talked about the lessons learned while riding and conducting on the StartupBus.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves from Ignite Tampa Bay 2015 

Ignite is a pechakucha style presentation, where you have 5 minutes to cover 20 slides that auto transition every 15 seconds. In 2015, I spoke about how I used narrative psychology to tell myself a different story about some of my bad habits, forever altering the way that I live my life and see the world.

The Jabberwocky: Speed-Reading, Serendipitous-Living, Love, and Business 

My first Ignite talk brought out my love of performance poetry, as I shared about how Lewis Carroll’s poem The Jabberwocky seems to constantly pop up in my life, showing me the importance of embracing serendipity.