May 12, 2017

The War For Talent (Infographic)

The War for Talent

Where startups, corporations, and wall street vie for “the best of the best” 


Anyone working in and around a business that has anything to do with using your brain has heard the phrase “The War for Talent”.

The recession is over…

Jobs are aplenty, and the best candidates in nearly every industry face a myriad of options…

And today’s workforce doesn’t want a gold watch after twenty years of service.

Recruiters, hiring managers, HR departments, and executives we’ve talked to in many industries across states and countries all share a common complaint:

Where is the Talent?parachute

The rise of development boot camps and new vocational schools to train the future tech warriors are doing wonders to create employees to fill the need for technically skilled workers.

But we wanted to know:

What does The War for Talent really looked like?


How hard is it to try and recruit a young computer science grad?


What makes people want to come work for one company over another?

Wars have winners and losers but in all this rhetoric around the war for talent, we’ve yet to hear of anyone actually winning.

Surely with all this talk, some companies were doing specific things to bring on the best new, bright eyed and bushy tailed young people to fill their empty desks.

BUT, what do the numbers look like, and what are the stories around how some are winning this ‘war for talent’?

binocularsOur Findings in Researching the Battlefield

After much research:

We have an overwhelming belief that culture wins the hearts and minds of potential future employees and we wanted to illustrate how and why that is so important to workers today.

We don’t live in a 9-5 cubicle world anymore,

We don’t live in a world where the best executives will drive a company forward for years,

We don’t live in a world where you can just train your way to success…

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The research we did shows overwhelmingly that the only way to build a winning team is to be:

  • Transparent about who you are
  • What you do,
  • Why you do it

And then to offer the chance for people to really participate in that way of life.

From there, you’ll attract like-minded individuals willing to work their asses off for your cause.

We define culture as the collective beliefs around what the right way to do things looks like.

The right way to look at the war for talent is through the lens of your culture.

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How are you showing off what you put out into the world?

We’re building software to help companies do that and we’d love to show you what it looks like.

You can check out more of the work we’ve done on our blog, or sign up for our upcoming webinar to learn about how to win the war for talent by showcasing what makes your company unique.