May 12, 2017

Meet the Millennials and their Bosses

I shot and art directed the following pieces for the WeVue blog to discuss how millennials view their work today and juxtaposed that with that their bosses are looking for when they hire young people. 

The Millennial Interviews:

Over the past few weeks we set out to interview the most talented millennials we know and the people that hire them. Our goal was to have a better understanding of the type of work these brilliant, young people do, what they look for when trying to find a job, and how they connect with potential employers.
On the flip side, we wanted to know how seasoned entrepreneurs viewed these young employees. How did they find the best talent and scale their organizations? What did they think of this up and coming generation of makers and shakers?
We’ve broken the interviews out into a series that we’ll be releasing over the next few weeks.

Part 1: The Introductions

The millennials you’ll meet in the following video are designers, developers, digital marketers, and growth hacking gurus. Most have had a plethora of jobs in their field in the last few years, some now run their own companies, while others only work remote. Some of them have degrees in their chosen fields, while others dropped out and are still highly sought for the skills they taught themselves.
The entrepreneurs we’ll introduce you to have vast experience sourcing, hiring, and managing young talent. We first asked them to define their culture. It’s one of those words everyone talks about, but what does it look like in practice?
If you’re interested in learning more about how to hire talent like you’ll meet in the video or how to build a culture like the one’s you’ll hear discussed, click on the button below to learn more about what we do.

Part 2: The Careers

So you’ve met the millennials and the people who hire them. But you want to know more! We don’t blame you…we did too, and we started by asking them what their career trajectory has looked like thus far. The results surprised even us…

Likewise, millennials can get a bad rap. Many call them lazy, entitled, and impatient. What we found in these interviews was the opposite of that. Check out the video below to learn more. And if you’re a boss, you’re looking to hire talent like you’ve seen in these videos, or you’re just struggling to understand a younger generation entering the workforce, click the button below to learn more about what we do.

Part 3: Why we do the things we do

Many of the millennials we interviewed do incredible work for impressive companies, but we wanted to know what exactly attracted them to their current roles? You’ll be surprised to hear: it has nothing to do with free beer, nap rooms, or unlimited vacation policies.

Similarly, the entrepreneurs we talked to hire for some of the most in-demand technical and creative skill sets…and they don’t do it by offering endless perks. Check out the video to learn more.

Part 4: We want to find a company like yours

Many of the millennials we interviewed do the same things when looking for a new job, and the entrepreneurs we found that have been the most successful in attracting and retaining top talent know how to tell a story that makes people want to come work for them.

Finally, we wanted to give you a closer look into the types of people these entrepreneurs have been successful in hiring. Check out the video to learn more.

Part 5: This is why we really want to work at google…

What’s more important: compensation or happiness? While companies like google and Facebook promise candidates both, the reasons why millennials want to work for some companies and not others isn’t as complex as people think it is.

In our final part of the Millennial Interviews we asked our friends to take a deeper dive into their experience both looking for jobs and finding organizations they loved working for.

Were there things about certain companies that just made them KNOW they wanted to work there?

By listening to their stories, you’ll have a better understanding of how to build a company that people of all ages want to work for.