Imagine you and I are taking a business trip together. We get on the plane, and you fall asleep. Next to me is an 80 year old woman, putzing with an iPad. I’ll spend the next 3 hours of our flight talking to her about her life and how she uses technology to connect with those she loves. You’ll wake up right when the plane lands and look at me oddly as I’m teaching her to play the game Dots. She’ll wink. We’ll hop in a car back to the office, and I’ll spend the ride telling you about how amazing this woman was, gushing over what I learned about how we can improve our user experience. We’ll get into the office, and I’ll head right into a meeting with our head of design and engineering, telling them about this incredible woman and how we can make our products easier for her to use so that she never misses an important moment in the lives of her grandchildren. I live a version of this story every day.


For me, product management sits between the crossroads of creativity, commerce, and human connection. I was put on this earth to draw lines between conversation, empathy, design, and business. As an English MA, I dissect text, images, and experiences for meaning and communicate them verbally and visually. With my self-taught design skills, I work with creatives and engineers to create beautiful, functional, and marketable products. My degree from the entrepreneurial school of hard knocks empowers me to generate value for teams and customers. I spent the last five years running a company that raised $1.8M in funding, created products enjoyed by thousands of users, generated $100K in revenue in 2016, and employed 10+ people. Now, I am ready to work inside of a larger organization that focuses my skills and allows me the opportunity to continue to create with brilliant people.



This site was designed to pull together all of my online activity that related to my career as a product manager. As such, here’s the spec:

WordPress: the site is self hosted, and I used Web Hosting for Students as part of a Code Academy class to get it up and running.

LayersWP: I’ve built multiple wordpress sites, including this one, using “the world’s most friendly theme”. It allows someone like me to create a completely custom site and tweak the CSS without too much of a headache.

Icons: the icon of me, many of the logos, and the overall design of the site were created by me using Adobe Illustrator. I used the sketchy icon pack by Denis Sazhin from the Noun Project for the icons on the home screen.

Plugins: I used the Smash Balloon Instagram Feed to show off my drawings, the GR Progress plugin to show off the books I track via goodreads, Twitters wordpress embed to track my articles, Slideshare’s iFrame to highlight my presentations, and youtube’s iFrame for my video presentations. Contact Form 7 powers the email contact.

If you have any suggestions on things I should add to this site, I love nothing more than raw, brutal feedback. Criticism improves the beast. Drop me a line anyway, I’d love to hear from you.